Mon Post Ultime

Bonsoir, mes amis.

I would that you know that my time is coming soon.

I will admit that I was false to you, ought of necessity, when I said that I was not concerned where Dom Juan would go when I released him. I used the opportunity to follow him, believing, rightly that he may go back to the Cabal from which he came. I was eager to find this Moriarty and, as you say, return the favor.

However, in the middle of mon espionnage I was made aware that this same professeur was refictionalized. Moreover, he was refictionalized by his very own in this Cabal, and for the same deed of his against Holmes. This came as something of a surprise, you could say. It deprived me of an opportunity to obtain this justice myself. It also made me wonder about the character of the other members of this Cabal, who would so punish one of their own for his violence and manipulation.

C’est la vie. Que reste-t-il à faire?

Well, I have found something still; with little left to do I continued to follow Dom Juan to this Morgan Le Fay. Mademoiselle Le Fay confided that it was she that sent Professeur Moriarty back to his origin, and that her concern at the moment was “neutralizing”, as she said, un monstre: Cthulhu, as he is known.

I wished to be angry still at her, for being in this Cabal; to be bitter for stealing my lightning in refictionalizing Moriarty herself. I wished to continue in mourning for my partner, Monsieur Holmes. But I have mourned once already. Anything further would be… improductif. Mademoiselle Le Fay already removed one monster from the world. Why not let her remove another?

After all, was not Monsieur Holmes my enemy once?

I have also since been contacted by Monsieur Administrateur, telling me that a “metaguard” — an associate volunteer of his — is in serious trouble in his home in the state of Nebraska. Another fictional character, “une sorcière méchante“, is threatening him with her “magic”. Monsieur Administrateur has requested that I intercept her, and protect this metaguard, the best that I can.

He has named this metaguard as “Sicon”. It is a name that I recognize well and fondly. I remember Sicon wishing me good fortune when I was hiding in London. As such, I will be sure to return the favor of goodwill and protect Sicon with my life.

Et qu’en suit-il alors?

I have told Monsieur Administrateur that I believe this to be my last assignment with him as mon bienfaiteur. I have spent myself to my limit of my usefulness in this world, and the time for me to return is coming. On this there is little to be said; I have learned much from my experience the last several months. I have accumulated many memories, many of them fond; of Madame Widdecombe and her Lionel, of la famille Cavaignac, of Daniel and Esteban, of Monsieur Barker (ou Todd) and then of Monsieur Holmes and, yes, even of Dom Juan. But most of all I have fond memories of you all, for your persistent monitoring of my exploit, your frequent help, and most of all of your sincere concern for me, a concern which, as I will prove with Sicon, is mutual. I do not know if, in returning, I will keep any of these memories. I may only hope that you have the care to keep them yourselves, but I have faith that you shall. I have always been un homme de foi.

In my time here in this world, I have seen much evil under the sun. Yet I have also seen much warmth and kindness in this world as well. What comes of it I shall leave to you.

Le soleil se couche. Je dois y aller.

Merci beaucoup.

Hercule Poirot, nom de plume Reynald Saint-Jerome”

7 thoughts on “Mon Post Ultime

  1. M. Poirot,

    I find your news both alarming and relieving. I had not been previously aware that this woman was intent on harming our mutual friend, but I feel sure that between his gifts and your own, she has more than met her match.

    And yet… concern for one’s close friends transcends cold logic. While I am sure that you will have the situation full in hand, please, if there is anything I or my colleagues can do to help in this matter, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Tu va a me manquer.

    Toujours ton amie loyale,

  2. Thank you for everything, Poirot. Not just wthroughout your time here, but for the person you were to us before you even came here. Consider yourself in every way immportal, sir, for all the best reasons.

    Oh and please look after Sicon for us. He’s capable, and he’d never admit this in a thousand years, but… I think he could really use your help. We like him the way he is, not curses :)

  3. Hello monsieur Poirot,
    I came across your site when some friends alerted me to your aiding Sicon. Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you need any assistance. Sicon is my friend and I’d like to help you aid him in any way possible.

    many thanks,,

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