Dear readers and all who care about Monsieur Sherlock Holmes;

It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you that my partnership with Sherlock Holmes has come to an abrupt end; for as of 12:08pm today he left this world and has been, as you say, refictionalized.

Mon Dieu. I do not know where to begin.

I suppose it began with the proposition by Mademoiselle Qara that Holmes make an attempt to refictionalize this Professeur Moriarty, so that we may be rid of him. Holmes, driven out of his personal, as you say, vendetta against this Moriarty, Holmes agreed in the belief that he could lure Moriarty into a trap without him realizing it. And because he regarded this vendetta as his own, he kept his silence with me.

It was for this reason that he allowed his recording device to be “lost”, or so he wished it to appear. Our reading helpers around us then attempted to return the device, and in doing so alerted the attention of Moriarty, as Monsieur Holmes also intended. Moriarty understood the meeting address and time as a result of what appeared to be a mistake; using it so he could approach Holmes personally. Holmes had little reason to suspect he wouldn’t, since their vendetta was personal and Holmes believed none of the other associates in this Cabal would be willing to act on Moriarty’s behalf.

However, I caught wise. Holmes knew his attempt to set a trap and likewise packed his bags, against his usual style de vie Bohème. Further he gave his instructions to me for his long term departure should he not come back. Deducing as I am apt to do that something was not right, I confronted Holmes and forced him to speak to me by any means I could. Finally, after I seemed to blow his cover on the website, he decided that he should tell me and not reveal his little scheme. He insisted I not interfere, saying this fight of his was personal, with Moriarty and him.

Oh, courage insensé!

He believed Moriarty was too much like himself, and in doing so underestimated him. Quelle ironie.

But Holmes underestimated me, and my desire to be involved.

For Moriarty had one that would involve himself; a Monsieur “Long John Silver”. Silver was led to believe falsely that helping Moriarty would be repaid, as you say, quid pro quo, and Moriarty would in return Gulliver back into the real world. This, I have come to learn, was something Moriarty could not actually do.

Understanding Holmes’ wishes, I nevertheless ignored them. I followed him to the Bibliothèque and, hiding myself among, les étagères, was able to listen in on their meeting. But the voice I listened to on the other side was not the refined Oxonian accent of a professeur but the vulgar trudge befitting a sailor of the old seas. Knowing that something had gone wrong I tried to intervene. I called up nos bienfaiteur, Monsieur l’Administrateur, and requested to obtain the materials to reficionalize this Monsieur Silver immédiatement, and he hurriedly elevated it to Canon.

But it was too late. Holmes was refictionalized.

I cornered this culprit, this swine in the media room where the met, and after cursory questioning of his identity and motive I sent him back, in a fit of vengeance. I was tempted to change the story en mon cruauté but it was no use; this Silver was a pawn, moved like a marionnette by the true villain, this Moriarty. I respected the author’s wishes and allow the poor man to have the bittersweet ending he was originally afforded and which in honesty he deserved.

I give this to you for your review:


With a heavy heart I returned back to our base and found Don Juan waiting patiently in his binds with a look of confusion. He asked what had happened and, refusing to answer, en silence I printed out the story that Holmes had compiled from the website. I can hardly tell you the passionate rage that was running through my veins, and the begs of Don Juan for an explanation only drove me further. With the pages out I began to read them allowed and Don Juan cried in desperation. “NO! This isn’t right! What have I done to deserve this?” And his asking of this drove me off the edge.

“What haven’t you done to deserve this, you filth! You are as much a swine today as you ever were!” I took him by the scruff of the neck. “I have already put one of your friends back where he belonged today; and I would do just the same to you!” But I halted. “But I would not betray Holmes’ wishes twice in one day either; they were his last after all!” Hence I slashed his bonds. “Monsieur Juan, I still refuse to look on your face another day, so for the sake of the fallen, GET OUT MY SIGHT!”

Hence I have released Don Juan from his custody, albeit in a manner of rage that frightened him (though he deserved no better). Where he goes concerns me little. I would grieve for Holmes but I know that is not what he would wish me to do; he would wish me to finish what he started. Therefore, I offer myself to any and all who would go after this Cabal – quelle que soit la distance, de l’énergie, ou du coût!


6 thoughts on “Holmes

  1. I don’t understand your anger, Monsieur Poirot. While Mr. Holmes was, indeed, lost for us, you make it sound like he died. He didn’t – he came back where he belongs, and he knew it was going to happen. You should calm down and finish what you started, not letting the emotions stand between you and your goal. Please, stay strong.

  2. I feel very sorry for your loss Monsier (Did I spell that right?). Holmes was a great man. I know you two didn’t get along too well at first, or second, or even third, but I’m sure you two have formed a bond that will be carried with you both as you are each returned to your respective homes. Surely, Holmes is alive and well in his own world right now, reminiscing about you to Watson.

    It is aggravating how Morairty had tricked you both, but I know that he will get his comuppance in the end.

    • A little follow up. Maybe Mr. Administrator has already informed you, or perhaps you heard through other means, but Moriarty had been successfully reficked. I know it’s not much justice and it doesn’t bring Holmes back, but it sure is a comfort to know we no longer have to concern ourselves with that criminal.

  3. Good day Monsieur Poirot. I’m known as Blurred_9L and though I haven’t made contact with you or Mr. Holmes before, I believe my comrades have done so. Though I hadn’t had the opportunity to make a comment before, I think this is the time to do it. I believe you heard that Moriarty has been returned to his own story, where moments before the fall to his death he will hallucinate a fake victory forever. Maybe this is not the ending a man such as him deserves, but at least it is better than letting him run free to do whatever he wants.
    But setting that aside, the motive of this comment is to ask you a very serious question Monsieur. As you have seen, characters not from this world can be returned to their own world, so to speak, by reading them a sufficiently strong story chosen by Mr. Administrator. So, knowing that I would like to ask you if you would like to return to your story or remain here in this world. Know that the decision is yours alone and I, at least, will accept whatever you may choose. We were told by Mr. Administrator that our world would collapse if fictionals remained on this side of the wall. We not really sure how much truth there is in that statement. Though, we do know that a heinous beast is already at the wall, trying to make way towards this world. Also, I must inform you that the Cabal have contacted Mr. Administrator and decided to help stop this creature. Actually, it was by their hand that Moriarty got his comeuppance. But that’s enough about that. I believe you would be safer back in your own story, but that is something you must decide yourself.
    I’ll be waiting for you reply, Monsieur Poirot. May you be well.

  4. Dear Monsieur Poirot:

    I am very sorry by the loss of your friend- but do not fear. He is not dead. He lives, in the world where he truly belongs- Victorian London, in 221B.

    Do not endanger yourself, please. Right now, we are cooperating with the hopefully reformed remaining members of the Cabal to battle an inhuman, horrible monster who may end the world for good on THIS FRIDAY.

    His name is Cthulhu.

    Anyway, that aside, we are also trying to send you back to your world soon, so you can continue solving your next exciting case. I hope, that one day, you and Holmes will be able to solve cases together again.

    I shall miss you, Monsieur Poirot: You were my favourite fictional detective.

    Goodbye, and may you be happy at home.


    The Wild West Pyro

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