Our Decision

Dear Readers;

This afternoon, Poirot and I have come had a difficult talk, and after considerable confrontation we have come an agreement. We want the information from Don Juan; we want it to be true; we want as much of it as possible; and we want it as soon as possible. However, Poirot and I both have concerns about the character of Don Juan, and we would be most regretful to give mercy to a character that did not deserve it. So we have determined a scenario to make sure that Don Juan will tell us as much as he knows, or otherwise suffer for it, though we will require your help, and we will be most grateful for it.

First, we ask that you create mateials that would allow us to refictionalize Don Juan as soon as possible. This may seem unnecessary, since we do not intend to use it, but this is essential. You see, we are going to demand Don Juan’s full cooperation; we wish his painting to be returned to the museum in Denver; we wish for Jack Vincent to return to his wife and children in Boulder, Colorado; and most pertinently, we wish for as much of the location of the three other other echoes. So until he gives this infomation he will remain in our custody. It will be in his favor ultimately to give us as much information about the echoes as possible so that you will be able to find it faster, and for him to provide any information that could be asked of him. And if he so much as makes a misstep, gives any wrong information, or does something uncooperative such as attempt to escape, I will hand him over to Poirot and let him do what he wished in the first place.

We hope this arrangement is to your liking. We will bring the message to him shortly.


3 thoughts on “Our Decision

  1. Dear Mr. Holmes and M. Poirot,

    This seems, to me at least, the optimal arrangement.

    Would you like us to leave the refictionalization works here in the comments, or did you have something else in mind?

    Votre amie loyale,

  2. Good choice, sirs. I’m working on my refic since yesterday (though I admit, it’s not going that well <_<). I'll be sure to help you any way I can.

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