Poirot Found

Oh nevermind; Poirot has been found and safe, albeit in a precarious situation. Wandering late in the museum I heard a noise coming from a utility closet; I opened it up and I found Poirot – I profess it is true – bound, tied at the boot and hung upside. Slyly he tried to shrug off his dire circumstance, but ultimately he asked for my service, and I obliging liberated him. According to him he must have been knocked out and bound up in such a way, though he never saw who; which begs the question: who bound up Poirot, and more importantly, why?

Further as we spoke to each other we agreed that our cases had become common and that perhaps it would be best for us to work together. Poirot’s complaint was enough to get the painting professionally analyzed for its forgery; we will return to the scene tomorrow to find the results, and if they are as I believe, we will both consult further with the curator and put the pieces together. I only hope that soon it will bring us to Mr. Vincent.


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