Poirot Missing?

I confess that I am very worried about Hercule Poirot; his research of the audio tape has, though I pain to admit it, apparently revealed a pernicious plot. He came into the museum today and revealed his claim that the painting “Portrait of the Magnificent Don Juan” hanging in the exhibit is in fact a forgery. I asked him about it, and he wished to discuss it more with me personally, once he got some piece of information he was looking for. I was supposed to meet him in the cafe; alas, he did not show up. Where did that damn Belgian go?


2 thoughts on “Poirot Missing?

  1. Holmes:
    I respect you as one of the greatest and most intelligent detectives of all time. However, please refrain from showing such obvious contempt for the fine mind of Hercule Poirot. Both of you are far better than either of you can acknowledge.

    • I hold no contempt for his mind, Mr. H; yet if I may, I do hold some qualm with his… prerogative. He is distinctly continental, at no fault of his own, but perhaps a touch too much for my taste.

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