A New Attitude in Denver…?

Well, there we are; I have found the correct employer – that is the employer that hired Jack Vincent to work on a painting. I have gotten their testimony of his work, that he came in, worked for about a week, and left as of Monday of this week. They do not know where he went from there, but they heard from him personally that he was finished.

Yet even before I spoke to his wife I was thoroughly bothered by it.¬†First of all, the curator’s description of him was as reserved, intense man, focused on his work and concise if eloquent with his language. It does not comply with the affable, goofy and personable man that his wife Lauren described. The curator described Mr. Vincent as having some strong stricture about when and where he worked; the vincent described to me was a much more easygoing man. It does not settle easy with me.

I will give an update to the wife but I cannot speak to her in full confidence that her husband is safe or in sound mind…


7 thoughts on “A New Attitude in Denver…?

  1. Well…

    That doesn’t bode well. I’m not sure what to say about that. I know some people act different at work than they do at home, but from your description it was his working habits that changed, so that rules out the benign solution.

    As always, should you need anything, just let us know and we will get into action. I’ll keep watching events intently.


    P.S. We have been working with Quixote further, and he now has a competent, and more importantly armed companion who knows Deanna well. While they have received further death threats, we are keeping a very close eye on things and attempting to forestall and confrontations. I know there is little you can do from where you are, but I thought you would appreciate the information.

    • My word – a new case in Denver? Perhaps he is available for a chat – is there a chance he can take time from his case and swing by the Denver Art Museum for a chat?

      • More than that, he wants to meet up with you, too :) We suspect that the fact you’re working on similar cases may end up NOT to be a coinscidence.

  2. Good news, Holmes! We have acquired the necessary data in order to open a gateway to your home! We have already succeeded in sending one of the others back home, placing him back into his world in time to stop his disastrous end. We have confirmed that this will indeed work.

    Now, you are currently on a case, and you have yet to meet your friend, Poirot. This means that now is probably not the best time to send you back, no? Besides, preparation would take a little time anyway.

    So then, the matters to be dealt with are these:

    When do you think is an appropriate time to begin the operation?

    At what time in your world would you like us to send you back to? (Remember, time is a measurement that exists solely within a world itself, therefore the time of two different worlds do not directly relate. This means we can pick any time you would like to send you back. The day you left, a month afterword, etc.)

    Where exactly in your world would you like to return to?

    We can cover these over the next few days, as well as other details, and come to an agreement as to the manner of your return. If you would like anything specific about the way in which you reenter your world, just give us a summary of it and we shall get to work.

    • Sicon, I wish only to be where I belong.

      But where I belong right now is here, solving this mystery for the good of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent. I assure you; the minute I have used up my usefulness in this time I will return and leave the rest to you.


      • Understood. I suspected you would say as much. I honestly agree with you about the whole thing. I can’t make much of anything from the information about this case, and that really worries me.

        The affect you and others are having on reality seems to be worsening, so once this case is done, it may be time to go. If we can lighten the load a little, I think we should be able to handle things after that. I’m rather reluctant to return you so early though, since I agree with your statement that your work is needed here.

        Still, we don’t have much of a choice in the matter. I’ll try and buy time for your case to be completed. Should anything else on this front come up, I’ll let you know as soon as possible.


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