Denver, Deanna

Hello from Denver, Colorado!

I was able to arrive in Denver late two days ago; I was further delayed in even engaging with the mystery by a vast kerfuffle in the city. I came to find that apparently a major political ‘election’ was talking place. Of this I had little concern beyond its interference with my investigation.

But onto the investigation. I am investigating the disappearance of a Mr. Jack Vincent; he lives in Boulder, Colorado and is by profession a painter who specializes in restoration of canvas works. He let his family know that he was hired for a job in Denver but he didn’t describe where. He said he would call him once he was settled but he didn’t call and he has gone missing since Thursday of last week. I am hired to find him.

This is further exacerbated by my lack of knowledge of the location where Jack Vincent was supposed to work. From my lodgings I was able to visit the Art Institute of Colorado and the University of Denver – all to no indication that either had hired a Jack Vincent to take on a project for them. One did provide me flyer for an upcoming exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, “Anonymous: Paintings of the Unknown” that offered some promise – as I take it paintings on an exhibition of the unknown might need restoration. I will have to go there tomorrow.

I have come upon much news from Washington State; indeed my friend and former colleague Don Quixote met – and ultimately prevailed over – our foe Kenneth Tripky, a.k.a. ‘Kenny Mann’, but not without being scathed. Indeed, Don Quixote was shot and has remained in hospital for the past couple days. Nevertheless he is by all accounts healing well, which is fabulous news. So I send my personal regards to Mr. Quixote, and I would that he have none but the speediest of recoveries.

However, his recovery comes with a much grimmer announcement. Mr. Hope, co-conspirator in the murder of our Tara, was found dead in his penitentiary cell, having apparently strangled himself with his own clothes. It suffices to curdle the stomach already, but there is more; for he scratched on the wall of his cell with crude stone the following death note:



This gives me evidence to suspect what I had feared; that Deanna is malevolent. As her connections are quite close to my new acquired friend Don Quixote I must fear terribly for him; what sort of devil is he dealing with?

As I am in Denver I can do naught but wish him the best of luck.


5 thoughts on “Denver, Deanna

  1. Indeed, I attempted to meet with Tripky, but Deanna Hackins, whose real name I now know is Jennifer Cooney, appeared. She shot me in the chest and shot Tripky between the eyes. He died immediately, it seems, but I managed to receive medical care. I might not have dug the bullet out myself had I known help was coming. However, apparently the bullet barely missed my heart and lung, but nicked… something… and now I have near constant cheat pain, and if I exert myself, I may still die.

    Oh, and since it seems you don’t know, I left the hospital. I must stop Jennifer. As long as I have my companions’ faith in me, I will win.

    As for Jeffrey Hope, I know he planned to die, but scratching a message in a cement wall? I don’t even want to think about the agony! In any case, this is yet another death that is Jennifer’s fault. Suicide? Perhaps by definition, but she as good as murdered him too. I must know the truth about her. Even my current contact, a childhood friend of hers, spoke of her eyes having no light. Something about her goes beyond the abnormal…

    I thank you for your continued concern for me, despite the number of times I called you a Kangaroohole, and I wish you the best of luck in your newest endeavor in Denver, my good friend.

    ~Don Quixote

    P.S.: I just realized a coincidence! Wasn’t the first case you investigated with Watson perpetrated by a man named Hope? How amusing!

    • Jeffrey is by no means an uncommon given name. Hope is by no means an uncommon surname. Further I have come upon so many disreputable characters in my time of a multitude of names. Only in naivete does one suggest that the first is any more notable than the last, or the most famous, or any other contrivance of the impressionable human mind; thus while the coincidence tickles the fancy, it will only last as long as the extent of a man’s foolishness.

      But do not let that abate *your* pleasure, Mr. Quixote.

  2. Pardon me for being rude, but Quixote being shot by Deanna DOESN’T give you evidence to suspect that Deanna is malevolent!?
    Well, I never.

    • Perhaps you misunderstanding; I am not being accusatory, I am simply expressing a sincerely disturbing possibility which – when I am so far away from my compatriot – is frankly all that I can give. And with the evidence given to me, I know not what else to think. A man in jail, as his penultimate act in life, told us that while in jail he feared death at the hand of this woman so much he was willing to contrive his own death. Meanwhile Don Quixote is shot, he remains alive only by either luck or providence, and another – this Tripky – lies dead by her hand. What reason do I have to trust this Deanna?

      • Mr. Holmes, I believe you mistake my friend’s intent.
        His meaning is this: he resents your suggestion that only from Hope’s suicide note is it clear that Deanna is dangerous and malevolant, when this was already apparent from the fact that she nearly killed our friend Quixote.

        I wish you best of luck with finding Jack Vincent; my associates and I will do all in our power to aid Quixote in putting a stop to this Deanna for good.

        Best wishes,

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