Starsight Apartments; The Solution

Yes; the mystery is coming together. A solution is now in sight!

Don Quixote and I met outside Starsight apartments today. With information provided to us we moved up to the apartment under Mr. Mann’s name, and forcibly entered (perhaps too forcefully, Don?). Immediately I discovered there was much to see; multiple substantial clumps of hair which, upon observation, did not indicate balding or a violent struggle. The follicles were carefully and consistently aggravated over a period of time, indicating a nervous twitch.

Don Quixote announced to me an anonymous tip about a curtain rod, which led me to notice – not a curtain rod, but the conspicous lack of one in the wall. Holes in the wall above the window clearly indicated that a curtain rod was forcefully removed not a week ago, and had somehow disappeared. I immediately pondered why; I stood silent in the room, believing there was something missing. That was when I looked out across the road to the Loverose Apartments and saw the window that marked Tara’s apartment; and I saw something that I wish I had seen before, but which I could not because I was investigating inside the room:  a large, profound dark green smudge going down the outside of the window, indicating forceful pressure downward.

And what should the color match but the inside interior of the wall of the Starsight Apartment??

That was when I sent Don on his mission to go to the Loverose Apartments, at the back, and look inside the dumpster. I asked him to find some receptacle device – something that could contain a large segmented pole. While he was away, I looked elsewhere in the apartment, and I saw, in the wall near the door, a large coat of paint substantially fresher than the rest of the wall around it. This led me to enough suspicion to investigate; I tore open that section of the wall and found, with great wonder if little astonishment, a large rifle. It’s serial number, precise build and scope indicated a military issue designed for long range and sharpshooting – I believe the term is ‘sniper’. Don Quixote returned with a duffel bag designed, covered with a pale khaki and evergreen pattern – a decoration he considered hideous, but which I carefully recognized as modern camouflage. And emblazoned on the front was a name Don Quixote recognized: J. Hope. And when I open it up, what should I find? The segmented elements of a dark green curtain rod!

Now the solution to our mystery becomes clear: We now have the names of two men, both critically involved in the plot. Mann, who had the apartment and gave the call, and Hope, a military man who provided the duffel bag and the stolen military rifle. Giving the call to Tara alerted her, and whoever was calling her would have led her to open the window. She did not anticipate that a shooter was waiting for her across, waiting for her ever so patiently to give the opportunity and take the shot. Above her, on the roof, the other man was waiting; having climbed patiently to the top of the roof using the fire escape, he carried with him the duffel bag that contained the curtain rods and then reassembled them on the roof. As soon as the shot rang out he was ready; he took this rod that he assembled and, with some expected struggle, used it to close the window to Tara’s apartment, believing not unreasonably that this would eliminate suspicion that Tara was shot from across the road, and giving them enough time to figure it out for themselves.

All that remains is for us to figure out who was the murder and who was the accomplice. We are collecting prints but in my mind it is the likelier that Hope, the professional soldier of the military, was the one who took the shot, and Mann, the keen manipulator, was the one who closed the window. For now, we may have collected enough clues to bring in the professional bobby; surely they would be competent enough to solve it from there.

Finally, the truth becomes clear. Tara may be avenged.


10 thoughts on “Starsight Apartments; The Solution

  1. But Holmes, a question, if I may. What, pray tell, is the reason for the phone call being listed from Mann’s apartment in Oregon? This doesn’t quite add up to me, especially considering you place him on the roof at the time with the curtain rod. Do you expect some type of technological misdirection then?

    • No, no, we aren’t taking about a landline phone; surely a landline phone wouldn’t have announced a message from the old Baskerville Heights Apartment, would it?

      We are talking about a portable, cellular phone. And should it surprise us that the cellphone was purchased in a different region? Why, Kenny Mann was a criminal; a most vile immoral human being. And as such he was like to move from the law and keep his old cellphone. It is no contradiction; in fact it only reaffirms our conclusions.

    • Another thought: if the victim was shot through an open window with no resistance but the suppressor, shouldn’t there be an exit wound? Modern sniper rifles are VERY powerful, so even with a silencer it should still have done more damage. You probably have more ability to research it given that you have the materials on hand, so would it be reasonable to check and see if the silencer would account for the sever loss in stopping power?

      It just seems to me that a sniper rifle that can barely kill someone across a street with a silencer isn’t much of a “long range” weapon.

      • Well, as MUCH as I would love to research this case by the dictates of your every whim, Sicon112, I have had to flee the apartment. Remember that I entered the place forcefully and Don and I remaining any longer would have put one of us at risk of the law. For now it is about time that we give our information over to the official police; we have solved enough to let them put together the remaining pieces…

        Admittedly this ‘Deanna’ some of you have spoken of has already contested my observation. She has been (rather suspiciously) right before, so perhaps your right, perhaps it wasn’t a full long range weapon with the scope; as knowledgeable as I am in ballistics, I will confess that I am not an expert in the individual weapons of the modern day…

        • Right, just a thought. Sorry, I did not consider the fact that the police were probably coming. My mistake. I was intrigued by this mystery.

          I do not think things in Seattle have come to an end quite yet, and I suspect you agree. I wish you luck with whatever your next move is. Should you need our aid, we will be glad to assist.

  2. So the shot really did come from outside the apartment! Well done! I see many a continuing adventure of the duo Quixote and Holmes.
    But one matter still nags at me… Quixote’s friend Deanna. How could she know “curtain rod” would be such a valuable tip? And an earlier comment of hers on Quixote’s twitter: “From Deanna: ‘I look forward to the deductions you two come up with. Really, Poirot would’ve done as well, but Holmes is fine.’” Why oh why does she bring up Poirot, unless she know alot more than she is telling Quixote.

    • Indeed, YankeeWhite, I am curious about this Deanna and her… commentary. But at the current moment she has proved herself only helpful; we must concern ourselves with the more apparent malice afoot.

      • Thank you for the reply.
        I look forward to your fingerprint analysis. It does seem safe to assume the professional soldier would have taken the shot, but one can never be too careful with assumptions. And you are correct, so far Deanna has been accurate with her observations, maybe she’s right again and the sniper rifle wasn’t even used in the murder. Maybe it was planted in the apartment. Did Hope even have sniper training? What was his position in the military anyway?

  3. Hah! LOVER meant Mann, not Loverose! How do you feel, you cur!?

    I joke, I have the utmost respect for you now Sherlock. May I call you Sherlock? Perhaps Sir Sherlock?

    But still, you deserve another neener-neener. Victory number who knows to the great Knight of Burger!

    • We are but a lucky fool, Don Quixote; no more or less. Or perhaps… perhaps there is some providence on your side after all.

      It surely must be quite formidable, to make up for your considerable imprudence.

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