Meeting Don Quixote; Return to the Scene

To update you all;

I have met Don Quixote today for the first time today, though I had committed so much of my time to observing him. He confessed to being Don Quixote, and I feigned interest although I am not surprised to know this as his identity. In accordance I revealed my identity to him, thinking it rather trivial polite introduction, but upon telling him I was Sherlock Holmes he seemed to burst into the laddish capriciousness I may expect of a youth fawning over a girl! He explained to me that he was aware of my work and that he himself was quite a fan. He even went so far as to show me the copy of his book that featured my exploit. It was strange enough to have such sense of popularity in this time, but what was even stranger was when I opened up the book to see what kind of exploit of mine he was describing, the book – I kid you not – was completely blank! I was afraid that the man I was speaking to was completely mad!

Yet the conversation turned more productive; along with the book he provided a video that was left to him by the late Tara which he believed would be useful in our investigation, which I will post soon. I was occasionally bothered by his impoliteness in the conversation – he seemed very keen to do some typing on his cellular device during the conversation (as he explained it was sending a ‘tweet’; I confess I have a poor understanding of this phenomenon). There was something else; he seemed to actually understand my mannerisms, and even some of the principles of my methods of deduction as if he had read some sort of exploit of mine. But the book he brought me was white as a sheet; did he bring the wrong book? Or… is the problem with me?

With some hesitance I allowed Don Quixote to join me at the crime scene today (covertly, albeit), which yielded a new twist in our investigation; these modern-day technologies for the phone allow me to reach the last number used by Tara. 1I used this “*69” and sure enough it provided a phone number; perhaps it is another piece in the puzzle:

(971) 230-5905.

I seldom have time to think of it nonetheless; I struggled to manage Don Quixote anyway, and I truly see no alternative motivation nor practical opportunity for murder by anyone other than Mrs. Loverose, though some details are such I cannot connect them. Don Quixote, however, insists with obscene if idyllic prejudice that it could not be Mrs. Loverose for no other reason than she is a woman! He does not understand that solving a murder is a business built on distrusting, lying and muddying one’s hands with blood. His principles will undo the whole investigation. But oh well; the amateur may concern himself with fanciful theories of Tara being shot through a closed window. Perhaps you, my followers, can help. If you could, please contact me on my email if you can find anything that can help.


4 thoughts on “Meeting Don Quixote; Return to the Scene

  1. Ah, as to the book, Holmes, do not worry about it. It is something to do with the universe protecting itself. We cannot yet seem to understand WHY it does this, but all those from different worlds which interact with ours, as yours does, through the guise of “fiction” seem to be unable to directly view that link themselves. There are ways around this, and if you wish to see a summary of the tales we hold from your life, I can provide one.

    As to the rest, I shall begin to consider methods of action amongst my group. First, we must locate the owner of the phone. We will let you know when we have more information, though I think you may have beaten us to it. Remember, the internet is a wondrous source of information of all types. You should make use of it as much as possible, though be careful of what you trust.

  2. Dear Mr. Holmes,

    You said on your blog to contact you via email if we found anything that may help with this case; I believe I have indeed found something. (I attempted to send this to you via email, but failed in the attempt, so I am leaving it as a comment instead.)

    I called the phone number you posted as the last number Tara had dialled, and heard the following message:

    “Hi. You’ve reached Kenny Mann at Baskerville Commons Apartments. Sorry I missed your call, but if you leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.”

    From what I understand from Tara’s blog, Mann was a former boyfriend of hers– and she mentioned on the blog that she called him by the nickname “LOVER”.

    Hopefully, you will be able to contact Mann and convince him to provide you with the information about that phone call. If he is not forthcoming, I can suggest an alternative course of action:

    I have a theory that she wrote “LOVER” in her dying moments because that is the password for Mann’s voicemail– which presumably contains a recording of Tara’s final moments. You may be able to access his voicemail yourself by using this password, though I hope that will not be necessary, as it is a move of questionable legality.


    • Hmm Quixote seemed to believe that this ‘lover’ was but an obtuse explanation as well. I am not convinced, but it will depend on what can be found of this Kenny Mann. When I get a chance I will ask him. In the meantime, I have no idea where to find this Baskerville Commons Apartments, even if I wanted to go there.

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