Mon Post Ultime

Bonsoir, mes amis.

I would that you know that my time is coming soon.

I will admit that I was false to you, ought of necessity, when I said that I was not concerned where Dom Juan would go when I released him. I used the opportunity to follow him, believing, rightly that he may go back to the Cabal from which he came. I was eager to find this Moriarty and, as you say, return the favor.

However, in the middle of mon espionnage I was made aware that this same professeur was refictionalized. Moreover, he was refictionalized by his very own in this Cabal, and for the same deed of his against Holmes. This came as something of a surprise, you could say. It deprived me of an opportunity to obtain this justice myself. It also made me wonder about the character of the other members of this Cabal, who would so punish one of their own for his violence and manipulation.

C’est la vie. Que reste-t-il à faire?

Well, I have found something still; with little left to do I continued to follow Dom Juan to this Morgan Le Fay. Mademoiselle Le Fay confided that it was she that sent Professeur Moriarty back to his origin, and that her concern at the moment was “neutralizing”, as she said, un monstre: Cthulhu, as he is known.

I wished to be angry still at her, for being in this Cabal; to be bitter for stealing my lightning in refictionalizing Moriarty herself. I wished to continue in mourning for my partner, Monsieur Holmes. But I have mourned once already. Anything further would be… improductif. Mademoiselle Le Fay already removed one monster from the world. Why not let her remove another?

After all, was not Monsieur Holmes my enemy once?

I have also since been contacted by Monsieur Administrateur, telling me that a “metaguard” — an associate volunteer of his — is in serious trouble in his home in the state of Nebraska. Another fictional character, “une sorcière méchante“, is threatening him with her “magic”. Monsieur Administrateur has requested that I intercept her, and protect this metaguard, the best that I can.

He has named this metaguard as “Sicon”. It is a name that I recognize well and fondly. I remember Sicon wishing me good fortune when I was hiding in London. As such, I will be sure to return the favor of goodwill and protect Sicon with my life.

Et qu’en suit-il alors?

I have told Monsieur Administrateur that I believe this to be my last assignment with him as mon bienfaiteur. I have spent myself to my limit of my usefulness in this world, and the time for me to return is coming. On this there is little to be said; I have learned much from my experience the last several months. I have accumulated many memories, many of them fond; of Madame Widdecombe and her Lionel, of la famille Cavaignac, of Daniel and Esteban, of Monsieur Barker (ou Todd) and then of Monsieur Holmes and, yes, even of Dom Juan. But most of all I have fond memories of you all, for your persistent monitoring of my exploit, your frequent help, and most of all of your sincere concern for me, a concern which, as I will prove with Sicon, is mutual. I do not know if, in returning, I will keep any of these memories. I may only hope that you have the care to keep them yourselves, but I have faith that you shall. I have always been un homme de foi.

In my time here in this world, I have seen much evil under the sun. Yet I have also seen much warmth and kindness in this world as well. What comes of it I shall leave to you.

Le soleil se couche. Je dois y aller.

Merci beaucoup.

Hercule Poirot, nom de plume Reynald Saint-Jerome”


Dear readers and all who care about Monsieur Sherlock Holmes;

It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you that my partnership with Sherlock Holmes has come to an abrupt end; for as of 12:08pm today he left this world and has been, as you say, refictionalized.

Mon Dieu. I do not know where to begin.

I suppose it began with the proposition by Mademoiselle Qara that Holmes make an attempt to refictionalize this Professeur Moriarty, so that we may be rid of him. Holmes, driven out of his personal, as you say, vendetta against this Moriarty, Holmes agreed in the belief that he could lure Moriarty into a trap without him realizing it. And because he regarded this vendetta as his own, he kept his silence with me.

It was for this reason that he allowed his recording device to be “lost”, or so he wished it to appear. Our reading helpers around us then attempted to return the device, and in doing so alerted the attention of Moriarty, as Monsieur Holmes also intended. Moriarty understood the meeting address and time as a result of what appeared to be a mistake; using it so he could approach Holmes personally. Holmes had little reason to suspect he wouldn’t, since their vendetta was personal and Holmes believed none of the other associates in this Cabal would be willing to act on Moriarty’s behalf.

However, I caught wise. Holmes knew his attempt to set a trap and likewise packed his bags, against his usual style de vie Bohème. Further he gave his instructions to me for his long term departure should he not come back. Deducing as I am apt to do that something was not right, I confronted Holmes and forced him to speak to me by any means I could. Finally, after I seemed to blow his cover on the website, he decided that he should tell me and not reveal his little scheme. He insisted I not interfere, saying this fight of his was personal, with Moriarty and him.

Oh, courage insensé!

He believed Moriarty was too much like himself, and in doing so underestimated him. Quelle ironie.

But Holmes underestimated me, and my desire to be involved.

For Moriarty had one that would involve himself; a Monsieur “Long John Silver”. Silver was led to believe falsely that helping Moriarty would be repaid, as you say, quid pro quo, and Moriarty would in return Gulliver back into the real world. This, I have come to learn, was something Moriarty could not actually do.

Understanding Holmes’ wishes, I nevertheless ignored them. I followed him to the Bibliothèque and, hiding myself among, les étagères, was able to listen in on their meeting. But the voice I listened to on the other side was not the refined Oxonian accent of a professeur but the vulgar trudge befitting a sailor of the old seas. Knowing that something had gone wrong I tried to intervene. I called up nos bienfaiteur, Monsieur l’Administrateur, and requested to obtain the materials to reficionalize this Monsieur Silver immédiatement, and he hurriedly elevated it to Canon.

But it was too late. Holmes was refictionalized.

I cornered this culprit, this swine in the media room where the met, and after cursory questioning of his identity and motive I sent him back, in a fit of vengeance. I was tempted to change the story en mon cruauté but it was no use; this Silver was a pawn, moved like a marionnette by the true villain, this Moriarty. I respected the author’s wishes and allow the poor man to have the bittersweet ending he was originally afforded and which in honesty he deserved.

I give this to you for your review:

With a heavy heart I returned back to our base and found Don Juan waiting patiently in his binds with a look of confusion. He asked what had happened and, refusing to answer, en silence I printed out the story that Holmes had compiled from the website. I can hardly tell you the passionate rage that was running through my veins, and the begs of Don Juan for an explanation only drove me further. With the pages out I began to read them allowed and Don Juan cried in desperation. “NO! This isn’t right! What have I done to deserve this?” And his asking of this drove me off the edge.

“What haven’t you done to deserve this, you filth! You are as much a swine today as you ever were!” I took him by the scruff of the neck. “I have already put one of your friends back where he belonged today; and I would do just the same to you!” But I halted. “But I would not betray Holmes’ wishes twice in one day either; they were his last after all!” Hence I slashed his bonds. “Monsieur Juan, I still refuse to look on your face another day, so for the sake of the fallen, GET OUT MY SIGHT!”

Hence I have released Don Juan from his custody, albeit in a manner of rage that frightened him (though he deserved no better). Where he goes concerns me little. I would grieve for Holmes but I know that is not what he would wish me to do; he would wish me to finish what he started. Therefore, I offer myself to any and all who would go after this Cabal – quelle que soit la distance, de l’énergie, ou du coût!


Don Juan’s Information

Don Juan has agreed to the terms, and he has given us the information that he knows. Since getting the information, the confidence in his value may have diminished slightly, but perhaps you will find it useful.

For Moriarty and Morgan, he explained that he believed their echoes would most likely be in California. He believes that Moriarty took out an apartment in San Francisco for a little while that he eventually left, located in 1472 Filbert St., and that Morgan used to visit it frequently as well. He had an idea that maybe one of their echoes was located at the apartments for the time they spent.

Not the confidence I hoped for.

But, far from being the weak point of his knowledge, at least his was well thought out and had the benefit of time. He recommended that we further search a location in Los Angeles – specifically, the Omni Hotel, on 251 S Olive St. This was the location for a… let us say, eventful meeting between all the Cabal members.

As for LeRoux, Don Juan again believes that the Phantoms echo is in New York, and knew of at least one clue to suggest its location: a tabloid article that indicated the Phantom’s activity in Central Park, along with the knowledge that the Phantom had engaged in these vigilante activities. He gave us a copy, which we showed below.

My only recommendation is that you go forth immediately and see if you can find anything at these locations, and start to prepare refictionalization materials. If he has truly given us what we want, jubilations. Otherwise…

As for the other conditions, Jack Vincent has called his family and he has made arrangements for transportation. Don Juan has also given us the painting in fair condition and we have shipped it to the Denver Art Museum. We included a note with our contact information so that we will know immediately when the painting has returned.

We will have to wait and see what else will come of Don Juan.


Our Decision

Dear Readers;

This afternoon, Poirot and I have come had a difficult talk, and after considerable confrontation we have come an agreement. We want the information from Don Juan; we want it to be true; we want as much of it as possible; and we want it as soon as possible. However, Poirot and I both have concerns about the character of Don Juan, and we would be most regretful to give mercy to a character that did not deserve it. So we have determined a scenario to make sure that Don Juan will tell us as much as he knows, or otherwise suffer for it, though we will require your help, and we will be most grateful for it.

First, we ask that you create mateials that would allow us to refictionalize Don Juan as soon as possible. This may seem unnecessary, since we do not intend to use it, but this is essential. You see, we are going to demand Don Juan’s full cooperation; we wish his painting to be returned to the museum in Denver; we wish for Jack Vincent to return to his wife and children in Boulder, Colorado; and most pertinently, we wish for as much of the location of the three other other echoes. So until he gives this infomation he will remain in our custody. It will be in his favor ultimately to give us as much information about the echoes as possible so that you will be able to find it faster, and for him to provide any information that could be asked of him. And if he so much as makes a misstep, gives any wrong information, or does something uncooperative such as attempt to escape, I will hand him over to Poirot and let him do what he wished in the first place.

We hope this arrangement is to your liking. We will bring the message to him shortly.


Don Juan est capturé!


Permettez-moi de me presenter encore. I am Hercule Poirot, detective of literary fame; many of you I have already spoken to before, but to the rest of you, c’est un plaisir!

Now, with the polite expressions out of the way, let us move forward with the important news: Don Juan is captured! And I was the one to act upon it!

I will admit, I have been frustrated with Holmes in this long wait for our move (and, indeed, I still am – but more on that later); he has been keen to hesitate, contemplate the best course of action, whether it be to capture Don Juan and send him to jail, or to approach him with an interest of compromise for information. To me, I must say, there was NO choice; perhaps if Sherlock Holmes were strung up by the boots and hung in a utility closet in the museum, he would be less open to mercy and more keen to proper justice!

But I digress; we spent the time trying to, as you say, rehabilitate Jack Vincent, and through our humble efforts he has recovered somewhat from his former infatuation in duress with Don Juan. He gave us the right information to, as you say, meet Don Juan and his new wife, Melissa Glaser. Holmes wished as compromise that he be allowed to meet Melissa Glaser and understand Don Juan from her perspective, and if his character had any sign that it could not be reconciled, we would send him off to jail. Out of a great deal of tolerance, I accepted the deal, and I waited idly by as I saw Holmes go into the Juan-Glaser residence to meet Don Juan.

But who should show up while they are meeting with each other? Don Juan himself! Luckily I obscured my face so that he would not see me, then, knowing he would likely try to run upon seeing Holmes, I set up a quick… I believe the phrase is trip wire with some string on the posts of the stairs to the front porch of the house. And, as you say, like clockwork, Don Juan came running out, and I snuck behind the porch. He tripped all the way onto his face and with the chance I tackled him with my full gerth! (and a substantial gerth, I might add; I am man of appetites!)

Holmes caught up with me, and we apprehended and secured the criminal. Yet Don Juan tempts us with promises of kindness and cooperation. Finally, when he said that he could give us the location of all the Cabal ‘echoes’ if we released him, this made Holmes interested enough to tell me that we should wait and think over our options. Pourquoi? Why do you insist on making this longer than this needs to be? Let us say that he even knows where these ‘echoes’ are, or have been. This man is a criminal, he broke the law, and he must pay for his crime. Even Holmes’ ‘fans’ acknowledge it!

We will continue to update you when we have made our decision; in the meantime I could use your input once again.